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Utilizing the Cambridge Strategic Performance System™

Why a Proactive Strategic Plan?

Education is in a time of unprecedented change. Leaders feel compelled to drive the transformation of learning and teaching systems amid pressures of high-stakes accountability and shrinking funding. Within this context, it is imperative that strategic thinking and planning drive the actions of the change initiatives.

Cambridge Strategic Services utilizes a proven and highly effective method for developing a strategic plan. A Cambridge facilitator provides the expertise and objectivity required for engaging stakeholders, energizing teams, and supporting actions for a future-focused, successful school district. Cambridge has worked in hundreds of school districts across the nation and has an unequalled tract record of success.

Dr. Kevin Castner Executive Director
Kevin Castner has been involved with public education over 40 years. Kevin has served as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, associate/deputy superintendent and superintendent. As an educational planning strategist since 2006 and present executive director, Kevin offers expertise in strategic planning and on issues related to the design and functionally of schools. He has provided training for strategic planning and facilitated strategic plans for multiple school districts. He worked closely with TASA as part of the Visioning Institute that led to the development of a common vision and action plan for the future of Texas Public Schools.

Kevin's experience provides him with a deep understanding of the vertical and horizontal challenges and opportunities being explored by PK–16 learning communities today. He is passionate about connecting with other educators to make sense of needed transitions in our field in this second decade of the 21st century.

Program Objective

The program is designed for educational leaders who want to align resources and energies toward their strategic objectives through effective planning and execution. By doing so, you will develop the capacity to transform your organization through the power of strategic planning. As part of this capacity will be understanding of the integral leadership role of the external and internal facilitator in the development of the strategic plan.

Program Highlights

This 2 day seminar will prepare attendees with an increased awareness to:

a. Learn the strategic planning process and discipline of the Cambridge Strategic Performance System™.

b. Create a long term, community-based plan for your district and accelerated action toward the established mission.

c. Engage all stakeholders in meaningful support of inspired strategic initiatives that go beyond current state and federal accountability systems.

d. Develop strategies to achieve your strategic priorities.

e. Explore the power of agreement based decision-making.

f. Focus your system’s funding priorities around strategic action for student learning that will best prepare your students for their future.

g. Understand the uniqueness of the roles of the external and internal facilitators in the facilitation of the strategic plan.

Program Details

Registration Information:
Charlottesville, VA — October 10-11, 2019
Cost: TBD

Please call 434-531-8171
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